Original Glass Creations


116 N. Brevard Ave. ~ Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
Phone: (321) 784-0631 ~ : sales@anotherplanetglass.com

    Predominantly self taught glassblowers, Steve and Claudia Beckwith own and operate a glassblowing studio in Cocoa Beach, Florida. They began their journey to glassblowing in 1991 with courses in glass fusing, bead making and glory hole techniques.

    Living on the Space Coast in Cocoa Beach, FL has provided Steve and Claudia a very special environment in which to work and blow glass, with the proximity of what nature has to offer: the ocean, rivers and tropical & lush surroundings.  The blending of beauty and the awe of science and space have become a strong part of their inspiration in choosing their colors and textures for their unique designs and dynamic glass work.

    From the beginning, they discovered that the glassblowing process requires partner involvement. They see it as a dynamic art form working the glass at 2100 degrees - it is hot, itís moving and the timing of special additions (lip wraps, color trailings, foot, handles) requires a clear choreography and coordination to make each piece work, be unique and come alive.

    They are Glass Art Society members, and presently display their award winning work in fine art shows throughout the southeast United States and in select galleries throughout the country.